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4. Build Pt 1 - Bottom Bracket and Headset

Build Pt 1 - Bottom Bracket and Headset

Even before the frame arrived, I had an order in which to tackle the build.On a new frame, particularly with a threaded bottom bracket, it is not unusual for the frame to need to be tapped.

Once the tapping has been completed, it is also useful to face the bottom bracket. This is designed to provide a flat contact surface between the bottom bracket cup and the frame by ‘scraping off’ any residual paint or uneven surface debris.

Once this is done, the bottom bracket can be installed:

The next job was to insert the Head Set cups by using a bearing press.

If you do not have the required tools, all of these jobs can be done by your local bike shop as the tools are not cheap.

Now that you can get the bike home, it’s time to start assembly.

Next week: Build Pt 2 - Forks and Cockpit

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