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Female Cyclists

Women Road Biking

We are delighted to be dealing with more and more female cyclists. Women count amongst our most loyal and valued customers.

From those trying cycling for the first time; either socially or for fitness or commuting to elite female competitive riders, we try to provide an atmosphere and service which meet and exceed the needs of this growing customer group wherever they are on their cycling journey.

We endeavour to treat all our customers with sensitivity and respect, but do understand everyone is different. The aim at Cycle Care is for women (and men) of all cycling abilities to feel comfortable and confident. We provide a friendly and reassuring environment where you can find the very best in women’s bikes and accessories, plus quality servicing and expert advice. Cycle Care also repairs bikes and offers bike maintenance advice and support.

We hand-pick each supplier and only work with brands that we truly believe in.

Our staff are all experienced and seasoned riders. They are very familiar with the specific needs of female cyclists, especially in terms of comfort and optimum set up.  We are happy to answer questions and advise on everything cycling related.

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