Professional Bikers

Service options

Gold Service £130

(£150 for a full suspension)

As per Silver Service PLUS:

  • Complete strip down and rebuild

  • Re-tension/dish spokes and true wheels

  • Degrease and clean all moving parts

Wheel Truing

Mounting kerbs too fast or running over potholes (all too common in Bucks) can damage and bend your wheels. Obviously this will cause your riding experience to be very uncomfortable and tiring as well as be unsafe. Wheel truing can be a cost effective solution to buying a whole new wheel !!!

Silver Service £80

(£100 if brake bleeding is required)

As per Bronze Service PLUS:

  • Degrease/clean & check drivetrain

  • Check all parts for alignment

  • Lubricate all cables and moving parts

  • Adjust bearings 

  • True wheels

Specific Repairs

If you don't require a full service and have a specific issue that needs solving then we can help with that for example:

Supply & fit new inner tube £15

Tubeless tyre conversion £35

Index gears - from £10

Adjust brakes - £10 per brake

Brake bleed £15/£25

Bronze Service £50

(£70 if brake bleeding is required)

  • General check over

  • Adjust and lubricate gears and brakes

  • Inflate tyres

Bike Fitting

A Bike Fitting includes setting the correct saddle height, handlebar position and various other personal adjustments. This may sound like a insignificant part of riding your bike; however many people don't appreciate how vital this is as having the optimum set-up will make your cycling more efficient, more comfortable and ultimately you will ride faster.

To book any of these services with us please fill in your details below including what service you require and any more information that is relevant.


We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the work required and when to bring your bike in.



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