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Electric Bikes

Electronic Wires
Why Choose an E-Bike?
Cycling can be a daunting prospect for many people. It can require high levels of fitness and motivation to cover even moderate distances – that’s where e-Bikes come in. Whether you’re looking to enjoy cycling for the first time, or are a former cyclist who has been a long time out of the saddle, e-Bikes can provide a simple no fuss option of getting from A to B or so much more…
What is an E-Bike?
Put simply an e-Bike is a bicycle that is electrically assisted via a motor that provides power to help push the bike along. You still have to pedal; however when the bicycle senses you are pedalling the motor provides you with plenty of additional assistance.
Who Should Buy an E-Bike?
 E-Bikes can be ridden and enjoyed by anyone aged 14 and over. Customers come from all walks of life and have wildly differing motivations for purchasing an e-Bike. Whether you want to ditch the car because you’re fed up with being stuck in traffic, want a greener form of transport or to be able to cycle longer distances and enjoy your surroundings, then an electric bike can definitely meet your needs.
Which E-Bikes do Cycle Care Sell?
We offer e-Bikes from Volt, Raleigh, Dawes, Scott and Bianchi – highly reputable and established brands at the forefront of technology and with excellent warranties. We are confident we have a range of styles which meets the needs of the budding e-cyclist.
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