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5. Build Pt 2 - Forks and Cockpit

In the workshop at Cycle Care, we have a simple rule: only use the seat post in the work stand clamp. The simple reason for this is that there is a possibility, no matter how remote, of damaging the frame: this is particularly true of carbon frames. Placing the seat post in the work stand clamp avoids expensive damage.

So the first thing to do is place the seat post clamp on the frame, grease the seat post and insert it into the frame and tighten the seat post clamp bolt.

The frame can now be lifted into the work stand and secured.

Personally I like to get the forks attached next. Before starting, have the headset bearings and races to hand, and that some spacers and the stem are in easy reach.

The key here is to lay out the components in the order you will fit them: compression race, lower headset bearing, upper headset bearing (already installed when I took the photo), bearing cover, spacers, stem.

Once you have fitted the fork through the frame, slide the stem on to the steerer and tighten the clamp bolts.

In pretty much very case the steerer will be too long at this point, and will need to be cut down to the required length, but unless you are absolutely sure of the required dimensions, leave it until later.

Attach the handlebars to the stem.

Next Week: Build Pt 3 - Brakes and Drivetrain

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