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2. Components Pt 1

Having decided on the frame the next process was to decide on the components I wanted to fit to the bike. This is an important step in any bike build as you have to get the components that will fit and are compatible: failure to do your research can result in purchasing parts which don’t fit, are the wrong size, or just incompatible.

In this instance, the easiest way to get it right was to carefully review the Cotic website which has a handy page on component sizes:

Cotic also offer a full build service and the components they use are also listed:

There is an obvious question to ask at this point: why didn’t I opt for the full build? The answer is quite simple: I wanted different options, particularly for the brakes, and this was a project build so it had to be unique.

Armed with the information from the Cotic website, I looked for the components I wanted: fork, drive chain and brakes.

For me, there are no better brakes than Hope, and even swapped out the factory option on my Canyon for Hope V4 on front and rear. However, in this instance I didn’t need the power of the V4 on the rear and chose the 2 pot X2.

Continuing the logic about components I’m used to, I opted for the SRAM GX Eagle which also adorns my Canyon.

There are so many options for a choice of fork: air or coil spring, lockout, yada yada yada… if the Cane Creek Helm is chosen by Cotic, then that’s good enough for me.

Next Week: Components Pt 2

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