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With the increase in Sportives and Etape type events, more & more riders are using their bikes with conventional brake calipers. We have seen, and heard of, a number of people / customers experiencing punctures due to heat build up and also plastic rim tapes melting again causing punctures and subsequently crashes.

Two things to bear in mind and learn from this:

1) It is well worth considering a switch / upgrade to bikes with disc brakes. We have a number of the new 2017 models arriving soon with excellent Shimano disc brake systems.

2) Replace plastic rim tapes with proper cloth tape to eliminate punctures through heat build up when descending the Alps or Pyrenees or even The Chilterns !!!

Stages Power Meters
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Cycle Care To The Rescue

"My bike nightmare continued into February. I had a 3rd bike fit at a local bike shop which was as bad as ever. Numb hands, nerve pain in lower back, saddle sore. In utter frustration I got some advice from friends and reviewed every bike shop that stocked Bianchi's.

I finally found a brilliant bike shop (Cycle Care - in High Wycombe - thanks Guys x). Despite my previous 2 Retul fits and an ordinary bike fit, it was finally proven that my Boardman was just much too big. Cycle Care had the patience to set up different bikes for me to sit on and see for myself what was comfortable. Wow!! I instantly knew which one was the right size and when I compared the measurements on the Boardman I could see it was too big in the frame and the width of the handlebars. I have no idea why all the others had tried so hard to make my old bike fit me? I had frequently asked if it was the right size and been reassured several times that it was just the set up.

I've since cycled back over to the shop in High Wycombe (on my own) (over a big hill) where not only did they satisfy all my bike needs but also made me a cup of tea and really made me feel welcome. It's a bit confusing as the proprietor there is also called Simon so I have to call him bikeshopsimon so as not to be confused with my coach Simon."

2015 Customer Testimonial

“Hi Simon – I just wanted to give you some feedback on the bike fitting that you did. Went out for a ride at the weekend after having the bike fit done and have to say that the changes were amazing.

 The bike felt totally different and I was amazed at how much power I was able to put through the pedals.

 I can’t have imagined that the changes you made would have made so much difference.

Thanks again and I will be recommending your service to my friends.”

Scott Genius Custom Build by Cycle Care

Scott Genius Custom Build


I was quite a keen mountain bike rider in my 20’s and 30’s but had not ridden regularly for at least 7 years.  On a recent business trip to Germany a friend of mine stopped at his local MTB shop to collect a new chain.  While in the shop I saw the latest mountain bikes (mainly full suspension) and it got all the old juices flowing again and when I got home I took my old hard tail for a spin and discovered firstly how much I had missed mountain biking and secondly how unfit I had become.  A stone of extra weight wasn’t helping and hills that I used to be able to climb had to be pushed.  As you do when being out of the loop for a while, you by a bike magazine and start reading up on all of the things you have missed for the last 7 years or so. In the magazine I bought I also saw the Coast to Coast event advertised requiring 170 miles of off road riding in 3 days.  It looked like a great event and a goal to getting fit enough to do this ride through some of the best scenery in England.

I live in High Wycombe and Cycle Care is my local shop.  I had always gone there for simple items (tubes, grease, water bottles etc and a fork service) but never bought a bike from them.  I spoke to Simon and asked his opinion about my chances of being able to do the coast to coast event given my current lack of fitness and long time out of the sport.  He replied that with 8 months before the start, it was quite possible to get up to 50 - 60 miles a day.  Go out twice a week and try to extend your rides a few miles each time but start from a comfortable base (10 miles in my case) 

 After a few months of riding twice a week, my fitness was coming back and I was 10 pounds lighter.  It was coming into the spring and my rides were approaching 25 – 30 miles in length (2.5 – 3 hours).  At this point however I was starting to get back pain and couldn’t really go for longer.  I am lucky to be living in the Chilterns and it is possible to do 40 – 50 mile routes, mainly off road if your fitness allows.

I returned to cycle care and discussed buying a full suspension bike but having read a multitude of magazines over the last 3 – 4 months was actually quite confused.  Simon said that the Scott Spark was a good all round bike as it had the lock out lever that effectively turned it into a hard tail when required (sprints along the road or smooth woodland trails – quite a few in the Chilterns).  They lent me a Scott Spark 620 for 4 days to ride as much as I liked and I was amazed at the difference compared to my old hard tail, especially the disc brakes and 30 speed transmission.  Unfortunately I made a mistake of pumping the tyres too hard (55 PSI) and felt that the full suspension didn’t give that much improvement over my hardtail.  I returned to the shop where another customer took the bike for a test.  Matt Steven’s the mechanic and I discussed the suspension and he laughed when I told him about tyre pressure and suggested that 30 PSI was more like the correct pressure people use today.  A week later Cycle Care let me borrow the bike for a few more days and Matt tweaked the suspension settings and tyre pressure.  The bike was transformed and gave a much better ride.

Reading magazines however can be dangerous and there was a lot of talk about 650b, and trail centres in Wales etc and I thought perhaps I should future proof myself and by a bike that was capable of doing more than cross country which is effectively the type of riding I was doing.

Cycle Care came to the rescue again and arranged through the Scott rep a ride on a new Genius 720.  The fork travel was 150 mm, so more than enough for local trails.  I took it on a long ride 28 miles in the worst possible conditions of snow and ice and it performed brilliantly but I was very tired when I got home.  At my age (45) if you want to do long rides, bike weight is important and although 28 lbs isn’t heavy my hard tail at 23 lbs is significantly lighter.  Scott did offer the 700SL but at close to 7k it was not an option.  I returned the bike to Cycle Care and spoke to Simon about the this.  I think he

was thinking that he would never sell me a bike despite all his best efforts. Matt suggested I try a 29er due to their better ability to roll over obstacles, but I thought I was too short for these (5ft 8 inch).  Also I said I wouldn’t ask Simon for a third bike to test as I thought he might think I was a time waster.  Matt asked for me and Simon being Simon said it wasn’t a problem because we were getting closer to determining exactly what the correct bike was for me.  He said if you test the Genius 29er you have then ridden all the wheel sizes and can hopefully decide.  Again Cycle Care arranged a test ride on a Genius 920.  It was awesome.  I flew down trails faster than I thought I could and the bike took everything in its stride and left me less fatigued at the end of the ride.  Also I found that the negative aspects of 29 inch wheels didn’t materialise as much i.e. slow turning, lack of manoeuvrability at low speed and acceleration.

I returned the bike to Cycle Care and spoke with Simon again and told him that 29 inch was definitely the wheel size and Genius was the frame and suspension but that I wanted the lightest possible bike without buying the top of the range Genius 900SL at around £6700.  I did have a considerable budget as I intended to only do this once.  I asked him if I could do a custom build.  He didn’t roll his eyes but said that it was of course possible and that they had done this several times recently.  I then researched the specification of the 900SL and looked to see where money could be saved.  The main area was the wheels.  “Just Riding Along” made a set of Aluminium rimmed wheels that were as light as the carbon fibre ones on the 900SL for a third of the price.  My target weight was 11.4 kg or less to match the 900SL.  The table below shows all the components used and their weights.


Weight (g)

Scott Genius 900 SL


Fox 32 float Factory CTD FIT 15mm QR axle 130 mm


Shimano XTR RD-M986 Shadow type / 20 speed


Shimano XTR FD M986 E no bottom bracket


Shimano XTR SL-M980-IR rapidfire plus 2 way release I spec clamp


XTR M985 race brakes front and rear inc caliper & lever and hose


discs xtr icetec


Shimano XTR FC-M980 hollowtech 2 trail 38Ax26A T


Easton EC70 XC riser 685mm 9deg bend, 5 deg rise


Handlebar grips


Spank Oozy stem 60 mm 10 deg rise


Deity LT pedals


Raceface Next SL carbon XC post


Turnix Pro Ti seat


XTR Dyna sys M980 chain


XTR M980 10 speed cassette


American classic hubs crest 29er Rims (just riding along)


Racing Ralph tyres (pair) (estimated weight)


Cables (uncut)




Total (including pedals)


As you can see the target weight was achieved and that included an extra 355 grams for pedals.  Cycle Care ordered all the parts and I attempted to build it myself but failed in the end so they finished for me and set it up correctly (don’t try to save money here it’s not worth it).

To ride the bike is superb and extremely responsive due to the light weight and fantastic wheels which are still true and unbuckled after 8 months of riding. I cannot fault the bike for my riding needs.

I would like to say a big thank you to Cycle Care and in particular Simon and Matt for their patience and expert opinions. All members of staff are however brilliant and can advise equally well on MTB or road bikes.  If you want proper customer service you can’t go wrong by visiting this establishment.  In short they are excellent. 

Matt Powell (a very happy and satisfied customer)

Bike of the Year 2014 – the Bianchi Infinito CV

Bike of the Year 2014 – the Bianchi Infinito CV


Bike Fitting

New to Cycle Care our bike fitting service calculates the ideal bicycle size and position of the cyclist.

With the help of a computer drawing, we work with you so you can make an educated choice of which new bicycle fits. We can also use this fitting service to perfectly adjust an existing bicycle.

The Standard Measurement Jig is used to precisely determine eight body dimensions.

  • Height
  • foot length left
  • foot length right
  • inseam
  • torso length
  • arm length left
  • arm length right
  • shoulder width

The model of shoe (sole thickness), pedal (height) and type of saddle are also taken into account.

To arrange youe bike fitting, please call one of our experts on 01494 447908, who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Old fashioned service.....

"I am disappointed to report that after my first ride on the new bike it was not anywhere close to expectation. Unfortunately it exceeded everything I had hoped on every front. If this continues I will be unable to resist recommending you, your business and the Spark in the most glowing terms.  But don’t get your hopes up too soon as I haven’t fallen off yet.

Many thanks for your attention to detail.  The shocks, as set up, were excellent. The SPD's astonishing good. Sadly the worst thing now is my body !!!

Chris W.

A Customer's New Bike Story

"I have now had my bike for about a month and I love it, so thought it was about time I dropped a testimonial into you.

It has been a long time since I bought a bike - 20 years in fact. I have never had a bike built up for me from components that I have chosen. I can honestly say that I am very pleased that I chose Cycle Care to do this for me as you made the whole process very easy and painless and guided me well through the process. 

Having had the bike for a month now and having done quite a few miles on it, I can say that it is brilliant and that you have helped me make some good decisions during the build. The quality of the build is second to none and it is clear that Matt is a top class bike mechanic as well as a connoisseur of quality but good value bike parts. You also put up with some of my particular requirements and made me feel like nothing was too much trouble. I was impressed with the care that you took to help set up the bike when I collected it - you got it spot on and it feels fabulous. I was also impressed with the way that you instructed me on how to use my first pair of clipless pedals and as a result of your advice on how to use them haven't had a "clipless moment" yet, unlike many people that I know.

Yes, I could have bought a cheaper bike off the shelf. Yes, I could have shopped around and bought things from the internet. I am glad that I didn't do either of those things as the end result is fabulous and I believe that the personal touch, attention to detail and ability to discuss things face to face were invaluable during the build.

I just wanted to drop you, Matt and the team a quick thanks for helping through the process. It is clear that Cycle Care is not only the name of your business but a way of thinking. I am a very happy customer." 

Peter E.

** STOP PRESS ** The new 2014 Infinito CV.......

The amazingly comfortable new 2014 Infinito CV's are now in stock - Chorus, Athena & Ultegra models.

Check out the below links:

2014 Infinito CV

2014 Infinito CV

L'ETAPE DU TOUR 2013 ANNECY to SEMNOZ 7th July 2013

L' Etape du Tour is a stage of the Tour De France open to the general public. This year around 10,000 people from all over the world will take part. L' Etape du Tour features roads closed to traffic,free food and water stops. Medical and some mechanical backup is provided

Every year various mad clients of Cycle Care take part in what is known to be a tough challenge. Talk in the shop over the next few months is all about gearing, gels, clothing, and chaffing. We have a wealth of knowledge about taking part in this event.  If this is your first time riding or your tenth time, please feel free to come and talk to us about any concerns you may have, especially with bike set up.  We offer a discount to riders taking part and wish you all a great 2013 ride.