Bike Servicing

For any of the following services please call us on 01494 447908 to book your bike in advance.

BRONZE SERVICE - £35 [plus parts]

  • Adjust and lube front & rear brakes
  • Adjust and lube front & rear gears
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure

SILVER SERVICE - £50 [plus parts]

As Bronze service PLUS:

  • Check all parts for tightness & alignment
  • Lubricate all cables & moving parts
  • Adjust all bearings (if necessary)
  • Check drivetrain for wear and advise of any costs
  • True Wheels

GOLD SERVICE - £125 [plus parts]

As Silver service PLUS:

  • Re tension wheel spokes
  • Degrease & clean all moving parts
  • Strip and regrease all bearings (where applicable)