Bike Servicing

FREE Bike Check

We will look over your bike and give you a report on the work we believe you should have done and the cost. After that it is up to you what you decide to do.




A complete service where we strip your bike to its bare components, clean it and rebuild it with any new bits it might need - (parts not included) + plus everything in the silver/bronze services.




Everything you need to keep your bike in good working order and safe & roadworthy - (parts not included):

* Adjust & lube gears & brakes

* Degrease/clean & check drive-train

* Check all parts for tightness & alignment

* Lubricate all cables & moving parts

* Adjust bearings (if necessary)

* True wheels

* Pump up tyres




If all you need are the brakes & gears to be checked/adjusted/lubricated, then this is the package for you.



Non-geared children's bikes are a little cheaper at £ 25.


Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

We give every one of our bikes a full check/adjustment before they leave the shop - we can also supply this service for bikes purchased elsewhere for a small fee based on our hourly rate of £ 40.

Hourly Rate

Standard rate is £ 40 per hour. There is a minimum of £ 10 for smaller jobs.

Bike Fitting

Standard fee of £ 60 which is refundable if you buy a bike from us. Includes measuring, adjustments & setting up your new or existing bike.

Cycle repair labour charges

This price list is intended as a guide to the most common repairs and servicing work you might need.

  • Prices can vary due to the specific demands of working on different types of bikes.
  • All prices include VAT.
  • Prices quoted are labour charges only and do not include parts.


Caliper V'brake Adjustment: £ 10.
Cable Disc Brake Service: £ 15 per brake or £ 25
Fit New Disc Brake Caliper: £ 20.
Bleed Disc Brake: £ 25 per brake (including new fluid or £ 40 for both).
Replace hydraulic hose: £ 25 per brake.
Face I.S. Disc Mount: £ 18 per mount.

for both brakes.


Transmission Service - removing the complete drivetrain and cleaning thoroughly in our parts washer: £ 30
Gear adjustment: £ 15 €“ if cables need replacing then: External £ 10 or Internal £ 20.
Replace chain including gear adjustment: £ 23.
Replace chain & cassette/freewheel including gear adjustment: £ 28.
Shimano Di2 Software Update: £ 24


Hub Service: £ 20 per wheel
Standard Wheel True: £ 20 per wheel
UST Wheel True: £ 25 per wheel
Wheel Build per wheel £ 40
Wheel Build(3rd party supplied): £ 45
Freehub Change: £ 24

Replace Inner Tube: £ 12

Headsets & Forks

Face & Fit Headset: £ 24 (£ 18 if frame only)
Fit New Forks (Ahead): £ 24
Fit New Forks (Threaded): £ 30
Send Forks / Rear Shock For Service: £POA

Service Headset: £ 20

Bottom Brackets

Replace BB: £ 24 (£ 12 frame only)
Face & Replace BB: £ 30 (£ 18 frame only)
Chase thread & Face Only: £ 24 (£ 18 frame only)

Remove Seized BB: £ 40 (please note: fee still applies even if we are unable to remove the BB)


PDI on New Bike (supplied by third-party): £ 40 per hour or part of.
Custom build £ 120 (parts supplied by us).
Custom Build from £ 140 (parts supplied by third-party).
Fit Bar Tape £ 12
Electronic Groupset upgrade: £ 120
All Work on Electric / Mobility bikes: £POA
Insurance Quote: £ 25 (refundable if Cycle Care gets the work/order)